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So I have been trying reading comprehension practice tests for the DAT on datprimer, and I have received a score of about 60% on all my attempts which it converts to a DAT score of about 18-19. So on the actual DAT, what do you usually have to get out of 50 on the reading comp to get around a 23 or higher? I understand that it can be different depending on the difficulty of the test but on average what do you guys think it is? 


Also, do you guys have any good tips on how to do well? I have tried the search and destroy method and simply reading the article through but my level of success has not changed. Due to the time limit, I am unsure of any other useful methods.


Any advice would help,


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Hi mj23,


As you indicated, I think the score depends on how test takers with you perform. However, I think that to get a 23, you should get less than 10 mistakes so about 6-7.


Also with strategy, it all boils down to practice. It is great than you are starting early. Try to do RC everyday and when your review your mistakes try to understand why you did them and develop a strategy that will help you avoid them the next time.


I am currently also studying for the DAT and planning to rewrite it. The method I find to work for me is to read the first question then read the first 2 paragraphs to find the ans and then move to the next question and par 3 and so on. If you can't find the ans immediately skip the question but note some keywords in it. That way when you are trying to find answers for the next questions, you will be more focused if you find the keywords from the question you skipped. So note the paragraph by putting a mark next to it and when you come back it will be easier to find. Again, I think this method would work well if the questions go in chronological order which I believe is the case most of the time. You can try this method or modify it as you practice.


Good luck and I hope you find a method that works well :) Most importantly, don't be discouraged and keep practicing.

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