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Which Schools Should I Apply To?

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Hey all, just looking for some advice. Here's my story:


- I am from Alberta

- I finished my undergraduate degree and will finish my course-based graduate degree in June 2018

- During my last year of undergrad, I applied to University of Alberta and University of Calgary. I got interviews for both, but did not get accepted.

- Now, I am ready to apply again. However, I would like to apply to schools outside of Alberta as well.


My stats:

GPA: ~3.9

MCAT: 511 (124 CARS)

Extracurriculars: I would say they are above average.


Any recommendations on where else I should apply?

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You may want to consider an MCAT re-write if broadening your application range.   124 CARS will be a problem at Ontario schools.  It does not meet cutoffs for Western or UoT and is not competitive for an OOP interview at MAC.   Queens does not publish an MCAT cut off, but a 511/124 would be suspect if you scan the invites in this forum.    Ottawa does not use MCAT so potential there.     NOSM - only apply if you have extensive rural background.

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