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First of all, congrats! Second, it's a bit hard to weigh pros and cons as so much of it is dependent on what your preferences are. Perhaps if you describe what you're looking for, the answers could be more helpful?

Just curious though, looking at the timing of your post, did you manage to get off all three waitlists at the same time?

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A couple of searches would have been beneficial in answering your question. There's no clear cut answer in which school is better.

A couple of points:

1. Toronto also has cadaver labs (not sure how the recent curriculum changed the usual dissection stuff). 

2. In the end, all three schools deliver similar material. The differences are how and when. Mac will use PBL more extensively than U of T/McGill. Mac will have three years while U of T/McGill have four. 

3. Not true that Mac is "good" for prepping people for primary care residency vs. other schools. Mac is just as good as other schools in laying the foundation for you to do any specialty you want. It's "You" who need to decide and work on the specialty that you want to pursue.

"International" reputation doesn't mean jack when it comes to CaRMS. For US matching, USMLE is king. 

4. You need to decide where you want to live. It matters more than you think.

In summary, figure out yourself and see which learning style and which city is the best for you. In my case, I chose Toronto because I already had my family and friends here and didn't mind the uber traditional curriculum. 

Hope this helps. my $0.02 as a graduating med student. 

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