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It was implemented this past cycle already for interviewed candidates. I would not be surprised if they continued it for the upcoming and future cycles, although an official statement from Admissions would be helpful. They never told us the role it played in our admission decision (if any). 

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The time and money involved in implementing Casper tells me they're running a study with it a the very least. Us 2021s could be the guinea pigs. Could be something like checking in on our performance yearly vs. how well we scored on Casper, or how well we do on clerkship vs how well we did on Casper, etc.

Wouldn't be surprised if they made it a requirement for now on, but never actually told us how they're grading it until they replicate original results claiming high Casper scores were indicative of later performance in clerkship and residence. If they do find significance, then maybe they'll start actually counting it in the breakdown of the grading scheme?

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