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I'm leaning towards choosing the PB Academy - however the transportation seems to be one reason people don't choose this academy. I would appreciate any help figuring out my options to make the travelling convenient and to see if PB is the academy for me! 

1) Where exactly on campus does the free shuttle to Sunnybrook run from?

2) Would I need to travel to Sunnybrook after classes in the Medical Sciences building? (so the only commute I'd need to do is from Med Sci to the shuttle location on campus? How far of a walk would this be?)

3) Where do medical students in general live? And how many people/apartment is reasonable? (+price range?) 

Thank you in advance!  

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1) The shuttle leaves from Women's College to Sunnybrook every 30 minutes.

2) Not really sure when you actually have to go to the academy sites, but the walk from MSB to WCH is ~5 minutes (across Queen's Park).

3) I've heard that almost everyone lives at the Bay/College area - not sure about pricing.

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