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Hello Everyone,

Since I've been young I've always dreamed of going to medical school, I've always been at the top of my class, I was IB in high school, pretty strong extra curriculars. I went to university for Biological Sciences, for the first four years of my undergrad I suffered from a chronic and severely debilitating health issue, I was also at the time in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Half way through my undergrad I gave up on my dream due poor grades as a result of my circumstances at the time. After my fourth year, I decided to switch into a degree more practical than biological science since medical school was out of the picture- engineering, as I had interned for four years at an oil and gas company (company asked me to return every summer). During the school year I was working at a chiropracter's practice as an office manager/medical assistant. After removing myself from my toxic relationship and getting accommodation for my medical condition, my love of medicine and passion to pursue it returned. I am now 6 years into university, in my second year of engineering, I finished half my biological science degree, completing all med school prerequisites - chem, physics, ochem, bio, and english.

My first four years I had a horrible GPA. Once I decided to apply for engineering my GPA went up to a 4.0, and my first year of engineering was a 3.3 (competitive in engineering where most students fail and everything is curved). Unfortunately due to my first few years in bio my cumulative GPA is sitting at a 2.8 which is appalling. I would like to note I never completed my bio degree. 

Regardless, throughout university I maintained extensive volunteering, and full time jobs (every summer as a student intern with an O&G company and throughout the school year at a clinic). I plan to write my MCATs this following year and hopefully will do well as practice MCATs have indicated a high score. I am 24 years old right now. 

I am wondering if I have zero chances of applying to medical schools, whether in Canada, the US, or abroad (Caribbean is last resort) or if I should just give up and settle for the Caribbean. If anyone has any recommendations as to what I can do or a plan as to make my resume competitive. I am happy with any medical school that may allow me back into Canada or the US. I'm not sure if I should finish my engineering degree (another 3 years left with my grades having an upward trend) or if I should retake my science courses and apply within the next year. What are my options, all I care about and want is to become a doctor? I truly regret my first few years, I wish I could take them back - this is my dream however, I don't want to give up on it. Any help or advice would be amazing. 

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I see a lot of potentials, yet some dilemma as well:

-  you have one year of 4.0 (I assume 5.0 full load?), which shows you are capable of doing well.

-  with a great MCAT, you could theoretically apply to UWO and have a conditional interview/acceptance.

-  there are few other schools that have some kind of 2 year policy.


-  engineering seems to be a very difficult field to score >3.7

-  it has provided you with what seems like good income and employment opportunities in case you can't get into medicine.

-  say we imagine you go to US or some other foreign school, you'll need large funds, which I suppose a lucrative engineering job could provide you with.

So I feel in the end it's going to be a bit of gamble if you decide to stop engineering and return to biological science. Maybe after your MCAT your path will be more clear. I suppose with a great MCAT, you can consider returning to biological science, or even do a quick 2nd degree to boost your GPA. However, a subpar MCAT would render your chances rather dismal.

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