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Hello. I have been looking for a dentist to shadow. Here is what I did. I tried to find a job in the dental office. But only found out that they only accept dental assistant and receptionist with diplomas. I emailed a few dentists who replied that they were not available. Any advice on how to find a dentist to shadow in Toronto? 

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If you can, one thing to think about is contacting Dentists in smaller cities in the GTA like Brantford. The communities are a lot smaller, and often there are not as many students interested in Dentistry unlike a bigger city like Mississauga for example. Dentists in these areas are more likely going to take you on to shadow because they like to see students interested in their profession, which is something rare in those areas. Another thing is look into practices that do free day of Dentistry or other charitable acts, if you can volunteer at one of those events, you have a good chance on landing a shadowing opportunity! I totally agree with Waves on going to the actual practice - truly shows how dedicated you are. Don't give up! 

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