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I'm not sure that such general information exists, aside from individual fellowship program descriptions. Accredited programs must meet certain standards, but otherwise a fellowship is basically on-the-job training. That means what you see and do depends on what services the hospital provides, and how duties are divided between the different sections of radiology. 

In terms of work location, probably thoracic, ER, and pediatric are found more in specialized centres. I've seen recruitment for all other subspecialties in both academic/community, large and small centres. Clinics mainly do US/BMD/XR/Mammo, so women's training would be useful... perhaps MSK procedures/US or echocardiography if offered by the clinic (but the latter is hard to get training in as a radiologist).

Procedures: IR is obvious, but breast and MSK should have procedures occurring regularly throughout the week as well, which you should get a better sense of in your residency rotations. As above, abdominal fellowships can be highly procedural if they (and not IR) do the non-vascular intervention, or if the converse is true, then not as much, or somewhere in between. Peds can also be hands-on. Chest is mainly lung biopsies. Usually, the exposure to procedures is well detailed in fellowship descriptions.

Lifestyle: IR call aside, a fellow won't be doing the same type of call as a resident, but will be more integral to the day-to-day functioning of a department. Most fellowships will give some indication as to the volumes you'll see (which should be high, given the year invested into the experience).

Salary: Somewhere in the range of a PGY-6.

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On 6/15/2017 at 10:35 PM, Radiologist said:

Does anyone know where to get good general information about radiology fellowships?

Like where one can expect to work with *fill in the blank* fellowship, how procedural based it is, general lifestyle, general salary, whether it is useful for clinic/community/large hospitals?


When I was researching fellowships I spoke with both, the fellowship directors of the programs I was interested in, as well as current fellows.  The latter were especially helpful in providing the information that you're wondering about.

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