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I'm thinking of signing up with either Kaplan or TPR to help me with my application process and interview process. I made the mistake of just taking a prep course with Kaplan without doing my research on which would be the best company to go with for MCAT prep so I don't want to repeat my mistake. Has anyone done the application help services with either company, or another company? Would you say it was worth the 1.5K? Were they helpful at all? Are there any guarantees? Which company would you recommend if not Kaplan or TPR or Prep101?



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I didn't get any prep help for the initial application, but had some mock MMI/consult sessions with MD consultants just to make sure I was on the right track in terms of prep. It was helpful, in that they helped to clarify some weaknesses and how to work on them. On the other hand I also got advice that was just as helpful from other applicants that I was practicing with, although that was more luck of the draw depending on the practice group of the day. I can't say how MDC compares to other companies though, since I've only used that one and only picked them because they had a special offer at the time. I know some companies come with guarantees, but only if you buy a certain package (which can be as much as $5-9k), and satisfy certain requirements already. 

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