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Haven't received anything from CPSBC regarding educational registration.. Should I be worried?

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39 minutes ago, frenchpress said:

I got mine on June 14th. Although it's possible they won't all have gone out at once. Maybe check your spam folder and double check on your offer acceptance form that you entered the correct email address?

I checked everywhere and it's nowhere to be found. And I confirmed the email address too. I guess I will have to reach out to CPSBC about it...

Thanks for your input anyway!! 

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18 hours ago, TARS said:

I got mine on June 14th as well. Were you maybe accepted off the waitlist so the faculty sent your info at a later batch?

Yes I was indeed accepted off the waitlist. :) That's what I speculated but I guess I am super type A getting anxious about something I shouldn't be worried about.

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16 hours ago, steelheader said:

I emailed them and they said I should be receiving another email from them in a few days with the information needed to register. 


Yay,  it feels somewhat relieving to see that it's just not me. I called in the other day and they told me not to worry. :) We are good!!

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21 minutes ago, Synth1 said:

If you sent them registered mail (or express) with Canada Post, or with a courier, you can track delivery and a signature will be required when they arrive. This confirms they have been received. If you didn't do that I'm not sure that there is a way to tell if they have arrived or not.

Thanks for the clarification. I called them today and they confirmed they have received it. It's a good idea to send the documents through registered mail tho and I'll keep that in mind for next time :)


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3 hours ago, vic988 said:

Has anyone accepted off the waitlist received anything from UBC? It has been radio silence since I accepted... No orientation checklist, financial planning info etc. But I see my deposit has registered and my status is "accepted". Am I alone in this?


Hey vic988! I think we received our offers on the same day, I haven't heard anything either. Luckily there's still 2 weeks to get our forms in.

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