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Cheap, High Quality Application Review Service for MD applicants!

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A lot of prep companies advertise services to review your applications for med school. Typically, the price that these companies charge for a 1 hour session can run above $100. However, the service that I'm offering to review + help brainstorm your application for medical school is much more reasonably priced. For only $50/hr, which is half (or even less than half) of the typical price you can expect to pay for a typical application review, you can have an experienced applicant evaluate your application and tailor feedback according to your profile.

My qualifications: 4/6 interviews last cycle (the 2 pre-interview rejections were because I was OOP) + 6 schools applied to this year (in ON and out of province), 6/6 interviews. I can help with your essays for U of T, with the CASPER for Ottawa and Mac, and with the ABS for all of Ontario. With my extensive knowledge of the medical school application process and insight into what makes a successful application, I can provide invaluable advice to improve your application and help you realize your dream of becoming a physician!

Contact me (by PM) now to get started! I understand that money might still be an issue, so I will make the first session a free 30-minute trial run, so if you don't like me after 30 minutes, you don't have to pay anything! If you do like me after 30 minutes, you get $25 off (i.e. you only start paying after the first half hour)!

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