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Language Certificates and Med School Apps

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I want to get a certificate in Spanish from western, requiring 3.0 courses, but it requires me having to shift my timetable around quite a bit and may be more disruptive than not. My question is, how favourably do med schools look at things like second language certificates, and the fact that I would be certified bilingual? Would it give me a marginal advantage, make my application more appealing? Or will it be more work than it is worth? I would appreciate any insight, cause I haven't heard much on the matter. 

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Do it if you're genuinely interested in Spanish. Don't do it for the sole purpose of getting into med school, or it's going to be a constant grind. 

As far as I know, no school will look at you differently because of a spanish certificate. Honestly, they wouldn't even know unless you put it in your ABS/talked about it in your interview.

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Honestly, I'd recommend doing that during the summer instead if taking it at the school during the year will be disruptive. You want to prioritize your degree first, unless you can think of a reason that the certificate will be meaningful outside of being able to fill out one more entry on the ABS (eg if you're interested in serving or working in certain communities where Spanish would greatly facilitate your work).

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