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1 hour ago, _gettingthere_ said:

Oh my God. Does anyone know what the competitive GPA cutoff was? Is it 3.8 like they say, or is it much higher?

Difficult for anyone else to know if admissions themselves haven't disclosed it. According to the recap video though, it seems that if you're an undergrad >3.8 gpa with good essays + quality EC commitment provides somewhat of a chance for an interview. However, the closer to the mean GPA probably the better, based on the fact that they said GPA was assessed competitively. 

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Wow, competition has definitely gone up.

2015 -> ~3500 applications, ~1800 full file review, 599 interviews, 327 offers

2017 -> ~3200 applications, ~2100 full file review (wow! probably why some interviews came so late!), 607 interviews, 308 offers 

Interesting that there were more interviews and less offers being given this year, compared to 2015. 

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The way U of T calculates WGPA for these stats is difficult to tell exactly and could account for the difference. My cGPA was about 3.3 when I got accepted in 2013 (with an MSc so lower cut off), and apparently didn't qualify for weighting, but I got in and no stat had my cGPA listed as the lowest in the range meaning they granted some kind of weighting despite their rules. In other words, it's a black box that you put your app into and who know what happens to it before the stats are put out.

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