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Can I get an interview at UoT?

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Are you an undergrad? 

Assuming you are an undergrad, those stats are not enough to interview.

I think you should look to maximize your DAT given your GPA and the PAT should be improved. A masters may help but one more year with a 3.9 or 3.95+ GPA would probably put you in the running for an interview!

And you're not trash fam! Good luck and if you have additional questions feel free to PM me.

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Im in a similar boat as you, I applied last year with with a 3.84 gpa and 21 AA (26bio/21chem/17RC) and 19 pat and didn't get an interview...I'm retaking the dat to improve my rc +pat sections to at least a 20, and now that im in my going into my 5th year they should drop my lowest year which should get my gpa to about a 3.88...if I still don't get in then im going to australia or ireland because this is really starting to get demotivating. GL  

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Your DAT scores are definitely holding you back. I got an interview to UofT Dentistry as an OOP applicant. My stats at the time of application were

GPA: 3.85 
DAT: 23AA (25RC/25Bio/20Chem) and 20PAT

Although I was on the lower tier of applicants for sure. 


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