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I strongly suspect that as long as you have 6/10 half courses (3.0 credits out of 5.0) that are upper year, anything extra can be whatever, as anything beyond 5.0 credits is kind of "ignored"; they will simply calculate the GPA for that year using the highest 5.0 credits and including your upper year credits. 

I am about 90% sure of this, but it never hurts to contact the admission office.

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As above, I'd recommend asking admissions directly, but it was my understanding that the 3/5 rule is meant to ensure that you are taking an appropriate course load while achieving that GPA, rather than taking only easier courses that are below the level of difficulty which should be aimed for in a certain year. The 3/5 here simply means that a minimum of 3 courses in your full-load year must be at or above the target level, which your situation would satisfy.

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