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Free books for pre-meds until July 14 or all gone


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I've been around these forums since the mid 2000s. So I want to give back. I'm now done residency and I'm cleaning out my storage. 
They are a bit old, but they are free. They served me well. Maybe they could still be of use? 

The following books are being given away for free. First come first serve:

1001 MCAT Questions - Chemistry, 2005

1001 MCAT Questions - Physics,  2003

Nova's MCAT Physics, 2005

1001 MCAT Questions - Organic Chenistry, 2006

1001 MCAT Questions - Biology, 2005

101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning, 2002

Exam Krackers MCAT Complete Study Package, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology, Verbal Reasoning, Physics (5 separate books), 2005

If you want them I can meet you at a Starbucks in the Hamilton area or at the McMaster campus. 

Send me a PM if interested.

First come first serve. Anything not taken by July 14th is going in the garbage. 

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