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I am a resident of Ontario so I would be OOP for UofManitoba Medical School. My AGPA is 4.20 after my third year and I'm writing the MCAT late August. I remember reading on their website that successful OOP applicants have AGPAs above 4.3. 

Should I bother applying to UofManitoba? Would I stand a decent chance?

Thanks in advance! :) 

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You really need your MCAT score to determine whether you have a chance there though, as that is usually the ultimate cut-off that applicants struggle to meet (520+ for an interview invite in recent years). If you take your MCAT in August, you'd get it sometime in September? I'd recommend that you only worry about this after you get your score (and the good thing about Manitoba, the application itself is pretty short, and no need for a 1-2 month advanced notice for reference letters).

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If you look at the invite thread from this year, there was somebody from OOP who got invited with a 4.1/524 and somebody who didn't get invited with a 4.2/521. So the short answer is that it's possible, but it's not even clear that the 99th percentile on your MCAT will cut it. You may need to be above the 99th percentile.  

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