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Letter of Permission submission?

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Hey I was just wondering how we do we indicate a course that was taken at another institution to admissions? In my Fall term, I had taken 4 courses at my home institution and one online course through Athabasca on a letter of permission. Would I need to send a copy of an approved letter of permission to indicate that the course was taken as part of my Bachelor's degree? Mainly asking this in terms for Ottawa as I know Western requires me to send a copy to the admissions through their email, UofT requires me to write the Academic explanation essay, and it doesn't matter for queens. 

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Hi :D

You'll be able to enter multiple post-secondary institutions into OMSAS (i.e. Athabasca & your other institution). So just make sure you list the 4 courses you took at Athabasca under that institution name. As for the letter of permission, I don't think they really care about your reason for taking the courses, they just want to see that you've put in all your courses/marks and sent the appropriate transcripts. (I could be wrong about this--others may want to weigh in.) 

Hope this helps! Good luck with the application!

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