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8 minutes ago, Eagle13 said:

The answer for Queen's appears to be "you never know" so I'd say give it a shot!

You're goddamn right.

OP; I'm not sure what your chances are and I don't think anyone can actually answer that. The best you can do is look through the invite/regrets threads, but even then you probably won't get an accurate estimate of your chances since everyone is different.

I know this probably isn't the answer you're looking for. Having gone through the process, the best advice I can give you is fuck the chances. When I applied I didn't think I would get an interview, and I did. After my interview I didn't think I would get accepted, and I did. Submit your best OMSAS app and then just forget about it. Stay busy, keep working hard, and just live your life man. 

Best of luck this cycle, feel free to ask me anything :)

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I read so much on Queen's trying to figure out my chances last year too, but I think Queen's only uses GPA and MCAT as a cut-off, and then they look at your ABS and reference letters to rank you for the interview invite, but they never publish what the cut-offs are. So, like everyone else said above, if you have the money and time to fill out that ABS (which assuming you did to apply for other Ontario schools anyway, won't be any extra time at all), go ahead and throw them your application and hope for the best. Don't give yourself room for regrets or be left wondering "what if".

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