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Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the physiology requirement at UofT. I attended the University of Ottawa and completed by BSc. I'm looking to apply to dentistry next year. I've looked at the physiology requirement at UofT and got in touch with admissions a couple times in terms of what courses fulfill the requirement from the University of Ottawa. They were unable to give me a straight answer and said they don't have an equivalency table like their pharmacy school does (in terms of what courses qualify). If anyone has attended the University of Ottawa and has gotten an interview or been accepted to UofT dentistry, could you help me out in terms of what courses you took to satisfy the requirement. I've taken ANP1105 and ANP1106 (Anatomy and Physiology I and II) , as well as Animal Physiology. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hey there! I'm at uOttawa and I talked to a student who got into Western dental and they said they took PHS 3341 and PHS 3342, as that is what qualifies as Physiology for most Dental schools. I'm not exactly sure if that qualifies for U of T but maybe find the course syllabus and email it to the U of T admissions to see if it qualifies? Warning - this class is apparently very hard and has a very high fail rate :( 

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