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I'm already (yes, I know) starting my 2018 application and right now I'm working on McGill PT. They have an excel spreadsheet for the Foundational courses (https://www.mcgill.ca/spot/admissions/professional-programs) and I'm filling it out -- only problem is that due to scheduling conflicts at UBC I have been unable to take any recent courses pertinent to the "Kinesiology and Biomechanics" section. Technically, I took it Biomechanics in first year but due to extenuating circumstances my mark is less than stellar. Every other section I have terrific marks in. So I'm wondering if I should I leave this section blank? Am I allowed to? They say we can have up to two courses but what would happen if I left it blank? I will be creating an extenuating circumstances form for my application as well to inform them about my earlier performance.

Also, if anyone who got into McGill has any advice regarding anything at all, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks again!

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