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General questions for applying for FM residencies


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Hi, I am an IMG applying for FM residencies soon (I am a final year med student) . 

Some general questions about applying for FM residencies:

1. Will references be accepted from family physicians who practice in different provinces to the one I am applying in? As in, is there a benefit to having references specifically from the province I am applying to?

2. Can I apply to FM residencies in Montreal without speaking fluent French? (I speak conversational French only)

3. If I end up (doubtful) preferencing another program above FM on my CARMS application, will the program director from FM know that I have done so?

4. In terms of timelines, when do I need to submit my references (from electives) by?

Thanks so much!




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1) Family physicians across the country will be accepted. But, if you say are applying for mcgill FM a reference letter from one of their FM faculty will obviously be beneficial because their word will "carry more weight" but other than that a strong letter from any Canadian family doc will be fine

2) yes, any french is a plus for mcgill (for their english sites), but you might have troubles in the strictly french ones (ie u de montreal)

3) No, dont mention it during interviews

4) check the carms website, they have all that information, it varies from year to year

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