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  1. 1. What do you use to plan out your day/week/month/year?

    • Call me old fashion but I like to use a physical planner. Pen and paper all the way!
    • I've embraced technology so I only use online calendars or my phone!
    • I like to use both physical planners and online calendars!
    • I have a good memory so I keep everything I need to remember in my head! No planners and No online calendars needed.
    • What's Time management?
    • None of the above so I feel like I'm always all over the place...

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Hello everyone!

I was just wondering how you all stay organize in school with such a busy and hectic schedule and with all of your classes and class materials (notes)?

I've tried using physical planners given by our school and that didn't work, I've tried using online calendar (google calendar) and that also didn't work because it just gets dull and I've even tried to just use a paper and pen just write down the entire thing that's on my head and tackle them one at a time. Heck, I've even tried just keeping it all in my head and remembering everything that I have to do, that was a disaster...

I'm sure we can all agree that in order to be successful in school, work and other profession, Good Time management is KEY!

So, as a fellow premed, I would like to ask everyone (premed, med students and even residents or whoever).

How do YOU stay organize? What do you use and how do you utilize your tools to be successful?


Thank you all!

ps: I've just ordered a planner called "Passion Planner" online because I've heard great things about it so we'll see how that could work towards my advantage.

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I use Trello (https://trello.com). I originally started using it to manage responsibilities with my teaching assistants for courses I was teaching, because it's really geared for collaborative projects where you are working with multiple people. But I've found it works really well for my managing my personal life / work / coursework stuff as well. 

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I use an iphone app known as Tiny Calendar that syncs with my google calendar. I label all test/evalutions/projects in RED (idk why red seems to associate to me as 'ALERT'), classes in BLUE, commitments/ECs in yellow, and others (doc appointment, etc) as purple. I set three remainders on each event (10 min warning, 1 hour warning and 1 day warning). 

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I have two Microsoft Notepad documents. One called Tasks, which is just a short term running list of all the important and non-important/random stuff I need to do in the next 3 days; and one called Schedule, which is a long term list of goals, due dates and other work-related or social events. I look and edit my Tasks daily, and my Schedule weekly.

There was no choice for this, so I just put down old fashioned, because Notepad is hella old. I don't use paper because it's faster to type, plus there are too many things to write down. At the same time, I'm also too unsophisticated for anything technologically more complex than this.

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Not sure what you mean by the online calendar just gets dull, but I use calendars that sync online.

I paid for Business Calendars on Android to sync my Outlook calendar, because they have a nice agenda and month calendar view to keep me organized. It also has a nice add task function, which I can check off or postpone.  I just use the classic Microsoft Outlook program on the computer to add my events, since it gives a pretty nice monthly view.  The windows 10 Mail app works nicely too.

IMO, there's no real magic app, planner, or whatever method of organizing your events and tasks when you're just starting off. The real magic of organizing your calendar is to add events and tasks the moment they come out, and not to "I'll add that when I get home".  Its so key to create a habit of scheduling things immediately, so that organizing your tasks doesn't become another "task" you do later.  Can't stress it enough, only when you keep up this habit can you have a functional schedule with a motivation to prioritize and get working, otherwise "figuring out your schedule" is all you're going to be doing and a feeling of anxiety will overwhelm and stop you from focusing on more important things.  Doesn't matter whether it's your phone, a notebook, or a computer, as long as you stick to it and do it whenever a task pops up. For me, it's a phone. I always have it with me, it's easy to edit and search, can sync with my computer when I'm home, and I'm ok with technology. If you like pen and paper, just make sure you carry it with you are all times. If you find a classic online calendar like outlook or Google "dull", apps like Trello, Wunderlist, Evernote etc might be of interest, but they are so productivity-focused that you might be lost in their multitude of options if you've never organized your own calendars before.

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I use iStudiez Pro. Except for the name it's a great app, mostly as a premed since you can enter your notes and it automatically calculates your gpa. I liked having that option. I used it to keep track of anything school-related. Assignments, due dates, exams with time/location, classes and the subjects in the classes, teachers' contact information, group projects, etc. They sync on mac&iphone and also with google calenders. I keep my physical planner and rewrite assignment/exams briefly, write my daily/weekly to-do lists and appointments. I usually take a few hours at the beginning of the semester with the course outline to enter everything so I don't have to worry about it for the next 16 weeks and update it when necessary. 

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