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Hey everyone, I apologize for my ignorance but I'm having some trouble determining my stats as an OOP applicant.

Firstly, I have done a raw conversion from a 4.0 to 4.5 scale and averaged 4.22. I understand that the university drops your lowest courses based on the number of "credit hours" (https://umanitoba.ca/faculties/health_sciences/medicine/admissions/8840.html) but I cannot seem to understand how these work. Could someone explain to me what one course is equivalent to in credit hours?

Next, I browsed the stats for the 2020 class and it appears that OOP had 522+ MCAT scores. Is there any chance for me with my agpa (which would be higher if I drop a few courses in the calculation) and MCAT score of 511 to get an interview? If my chances are essentially zero, I would like to know so I can forgo my application to this school for the upcoming cycle.

Thank you for your help!



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I'm not in the position to decide for you and there are much more experienced people that can help you here, but here's my two cent. 

You have the average AGPA for OOP who applied but those that was invited and interviewed had an average of 4.40 according to the 2020 stats. That being said, the minimum AGPA that was interviewed was a 4.12 so there is still a chance there.

BUT! It will ALL come down to the MCAT.

U of M has a very high standard MCAT for OOP applicants (and IP for that matter too) since it will make up 45% of your post-interview application if you are invited OR up to ~70% of your pre-interview (AGPA is about ~30%) before you are even invited for an interview. 

Now, this is all according to an academic advisor that I've spoken to at the school so please don't quote me on that. I'm only sharing what I've been told. 

So, your personal judgement is what you'll have to use in this scenario. Will it be worth applying to a school that values the MCAT greatly with a below average MCAT of your own? OR Would it be a good idea to skip this school for now and maybe re-write the MCAT in the future, score a very high score that will meet the requirement for an OOP and then have the chance of getting an interview. Your choice!

I wish you all the best in your future applications! :) 

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On 7/23/2017 at 2:06 PM, spring02 said:

Curious question. Is it worth applying with an AGPA 4.39/4.5 and MCAT of 518 as an OOP applicant?

This year you seemingly wouldn't have gotten an interview (unless your academic/SE/rural attributes gave you a very significant boost). But its close enough to the line that it may be worth applying if you aren't concerned about paying the application fee.

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