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Hi all,

Ontario resident here wanting to explore other options outside the province. Just wanted to see which OOP schools might be worth considering given my statistics.

1st 3.77
2nd 3.86
3rd 3.97
4th 4.00

Cumulative GPA: 3.90

MCAT: [total score: 518] P/C 129 - CARS 127 - B/B 130 - P/S 132

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Depending on your grades as per the BC formula, you could try UBC as well. 

Calgary and Alberta you don't meet the minimum CARS (128). 

You also could try Sask. However, I think the MCAT cutoff (OOP) for interview this year was 98th percentile overall with 129 in CARS. It does change based on the application pool though so might be worth an application. 

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