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I was wondering what were my chances if i'd apply in the category : Non-traditional applicant at McGill. Here's my profile:

- I've got one year left to get my bachelor degree in Nursing at UdeM

- My current Gpa is 3,4

- ECs:

  1. went to Haiti last summer for 3 weeks as a humanitarian trip with Scout Canada
  2. been a Scout Chief for almost 5 years,
  3. working this summer as a nursing student in the department of orthopedic surgery 
  4. working as a nurse and medical secretary at the clinic of the top breast cancer surgeon in Quebec
  5. volunteered at a children's hospital for a year
  6. volunteered at a pre-school for children with mental disabilities

Thank you for all of your replies and guidance, I really appreciate it!

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On 25/07/2017 at 7:35 PM, 1997 said:

Most medical schools (except quebec french schools) look at your ECs, and I think some look at reference letters. However, keep in mind that usually, medical schools will automatically weed you out based on your GPA and therefore will not even look at your CV unless your GPA is in the competitive range.

Thank you so much

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