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I'm a huge fan of the Surface Book.  Great screen.  I only use it in "tablet" mode about 25% of the time (probably 50% of the time as a regular laptop, and 25% of the time attached to the docking station), but I really like having the ability to do that.

They are kinda spendy devices, even for a staff doc, but quality hardware.  If I were starting med school today (instead of 12 years ago) I'd definitely base my workflow and learning around one.  Add Evernote and Endnote (some people like Papers, I really dislike it but your mileage may vary) and you're pretty much set.

And I have to put in a plug for Microsoft Customer Service here (a sentence I thought I'd never say in my life, but they really won me over...)  I spilled coffee on my previous Surface Book a couple of months ago.  Keyboard would only intermittently work.  So I took it back to the store, and they swapped it for a new (actually, upgraded) one completely hassle free.  I was really glad I'd opted to buy the warranty with my original machine.

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On 7/28/2017 at 5:17 PM, Sauna said:

HP Spectre x360


25 minutes ago, MedHopeful93 said:

Have it, love it

This laptop seems pretty awesome just by looking it up online. Do you both have the "pen" that it comes with and how often do you find yourself using it? 

I really like to take notes by hand so I'm thinking of using this laptop (if I purchase it) as a tablet at most to take notes. What are your opinions on this laptop as a tablet?

I feel like the price is very justifiable compared to a Macbook pro which is just too much for my budget... 

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4 minutes ago, aspiringdoctor14 said:

Do you both have the "pen" that it comes with and how often do you find yourself using it? 

I don't actually own this laptop, I have a 12" MacBook and I personally think Mac >>> Windows. But I do try to be unbiased when offering advice, which is why I made the above suggestion for OP. 

I would recommend watching some of the reviews by Tech YouTubers, there are tons but this is a lot of money so try to watch as many as you can to get different perspectives. If satisfied, go to the store and try it out for yourself to get a feel for it. Maybe even bring a USB with some lecture notes on it and annotate them in the store to simulate as much as possible what it will be like to use it in class. 

I agree with your point on the MacBook Pro, but if you're going to take notes by hand then you wanna compare it more with the iPad Pro. 

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