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How much time do you usually spend on extracurriculars per week?

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2 minutes ago, pretzels said:

Around how much time per week did you commit to extracurricular activities/part-time job/volunteering while still staying on top of your classes and maintaining your GPA? :) 

My general rule was that my time commitment for ECs + School should never go over the total hours of a week for a full time job (~37.5hrs). So for example, if I had 23 hours of classes a week, I give myself a commitment around 14.5 hours a week maximum to volunteer or do ECs for things. 

However, if your GPA is not so hot, then you should lower the commitments and work on fixing GPA before improving your ECs. GPA is definitely harder to improve compared to ECs later on in your undergraduate career.

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I used first year to feel out how much time I could commit to ECs for future years. GPA is king so I estimated the best I could achieve and involved myself in ECs more and more until it just barely started to affect my GPA.

I surprised myself with how little spending less time studying/going to class affected my GPA. I probably spent equal amounts of time on my courses and ECs.

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The most was probably doing about 20 hrs of ECs on top of 25-30 hrs of class and working two part time jobs totalling 18-26 hours a week, leaving me only the night before exams to study.  Was exciting juggling everything, until you fall behind in one thing, and everything crashes down along with it lol.

I felt like 8 hours of work + about 10-15 hours of ECs on top of school was much more reasonable for the sake of GPA, health, and my own hobbies lol.

A lot of the EC hours weren't in person (ie. planning and organizing at home). 

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