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University of Sydney MMI format

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I'm preparing for my MMI Skype interview with the University of Sydney for dentistry, and I'm still not sure exactly how the MMI will work. I understand that the interview will consist of 5 questions of 7 mins each. In between there is a 2 min break, bringing the total interview time to around 45 min.

My confusion is over the difference compared to a traditional MMI (2 mins prep/8 mins answer). During the USyd MMI we will be given the question by the interviewer at the start of the 7 mins while we are already face to face over skype. What do I do then? Is it normal to sit there in silence for around 2 mins and then begin speaking? All the while the interviewer sees you on screen? This means we will have 5 mins to speak, or ideally 3-4 mins and save the remaining time for prompts. This is much less time than the normal 8 mins. Or are we expected to begin speaking soon after receiving the question, without much prep. I don't want to end up looking silent and awkward! Also from what I understand we can't make any notes?

Finally, can anyone confirm that the final ranking for dentistry is 50% MMI and 50% admissions test (eg DAT)?


Thank you!

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