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struggling with the mcat; looking into ukcat


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Hi everyone, 

I have written the mcat about 3 times in total now. The first time was a disaster because I didn't prepare well for it. 

The second time I was slightly better prepared and got 126/124/124/127. Two years later I wrote it again to get better scores only to end up with 125/122/126/127. 

My gpa was 3.3,3.3,3.8,3.8 from year 1 to 4 and I will be beginning my Masters this fall. The end goal still persists - to get into medical school. 

I am unsure if I can improve my score but I am looking at UKCAT now to apply for the UK med schools. Does anyone here have any better advice on how to best prepare my application (whether for UK or other medical schools)? I know I cant apply for Canadian med schools so that's out the window. 



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