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You're freaking out.

Seriously though, you're not expected to shadow in premed, much less get a reference from it. Look at what you've done, see who you can get references from, and go for it. Yes, many successful third year applicants sound like they have crazy CVs, but as long as you're doing meaningful activities and keep up a high GPA, you have a chance. Besides, remember it's not the end of the world if you don't get in after third year, and consider it a chance to finish that undergrad degree you've already worked three years for.

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4 hours ago, KeyzerSoze said:

Well I'll tell ya at this rate I might just apply to the States; barring the best schools, the competition seems far less stiff.

Its definitely not hugely less stiff if you are an international student (i.e. dont have american citizenship). It just allows for a bit more flexibility but alot of variables at play. 

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6 hours ago, KeyzerSoze said:

...... the competition seems far less stiff.

I would not categorize US applications like that. They are just as competitive. You will be applying to a lot more schools and may only hear back from a few as a Canadian.

Don't freak out.  You have along way to go still.   Keep doing what you are doing. Continue with the high GPA for 2nd & 3rd year and you will have that checked off the list.  Prepare well and write the MCAT after 2nd year. Get a +129 CARs and a +512 and that is checked off.     Pick 1 or 2 things as EC's now that you are interested in - and spend some time on them. Quaility over Quantity.   They do not have to be medical related.  They do not have to be research.  They should show dedication and leadership.   Review CANMED attributes and see if your EC could fit those.

Don't write off Canadian Schools - they are still your best approach to being successful.    

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You're freaking out. I didn't even do any good extracurriculars til my 3rd year and I still made it lol (although not recommended). Just start building some more long term ones now and you're fine.

If you want to stay in Canada, shadowing a physician is probably not super useful (although nice).  It's low hours, and of all the qualities they're looking for in an applicant, the only one you're showing is an interest in medicine. You're not providing any service to others, not demonstrating leadership or intiative etc. Might be better off focusing on volunteering activities that you're passionate about - because you care about it, you'll naturally demonstrate service, leadership, initiative, and so many qualities that reivewers are likely to look for. Of course, you can do that and shadow a physician if you have time.

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