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How to write Top 10? Any advice?

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Do you guys have any advice regarding how I should write and phrase my Top 10 experiences? The description is pretty straightforward, but I'm not too sure about the experience impact part. Am I supposed to write how the experience impacted me? Or how it impacted the people around me/the community I served with? I've heard something about the CANMEDS attributes as well, that we're supposed to show how we display that?

Also, how would you go about ranking your Top 10 stuff? Things with a long time commitment are better than one-time deals I guess?

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I have no really solid advice, as I was rejected last year lol but I do have encouragement!

You can do it! :cool::cool: (insert tacky finger guns emoji here)

Also, The CANMEDS criteria are quite similar to R1-R7 which you're directly being evaluated on in your application. The CANMEDS website gives really good definitions and examples of what those characteristics look like in a physician that might be helpful when youre writing your top 10. 

What I'm doing this year is thinking about 10 experiences that have really made me who I am, last year I took the 10 best "on paper" experiences and tried to tweak them to fit the criteria but that didn't go so well for me. This year I'm going to try and show experiences that helped make me ME (even if they arent typical med experiences) and then point out the parts of that experience that match the CANMEDS/R1-7 or how they made me mature as a person so I could meet those criteria. In doing this ill give really to the point specific details (last year I think I was too narrative). That's my plan anyway. 

IMHO, As for impact I'd say judiciously use both. I assume the reviewers want to get to know a little about us so the experince can include how it impacted you, but as physicians the job is about serving our communities, so saying how an experience impacted you SO you could make an impact on the community might be a good idea.

That's all I've got. Best of luck!!! 

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