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KInd of screwed for the upcoming MCAT exam. Need advice.

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My MCAT is coming up on the 24th of August, and I am in a bad place. I did not prepare to the best of my ability, and need help deciding whether to give the MCAT and score it, or void it. Either way I will have to probably take the MCAT again, and wanted to know if US medical schools will care if i have retaken the MCAT multiple times. What I am trying to say is, I would void the MCAT if it would effect my chances when applying in the US. I would like to see my scores doesn't matter how bad they are, but don't want to jeopardize my application when I apply in the states. I know Canadian med schools only look at the most recent score, but not sure about US. 


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USA schools do look at all results.  You can decide to void right at the end of the exam -- but not later on.   If you have been doing multiple practice tests you probably have a good feeling of how you are doing at preparing.  If so, then on MCAT day, you would have a reasonable feeling on how you did based on how much you answered or struggled.  If you have intent to apply to the USA and you know you did not do well, then void it.    If you are aiming at Canada only, then schools only look at your latest - so can keep it.

If you are not doing reasonably well on the practice tests, maybe there is no point in writing yet ?   Also, if you do not yet have the GPA to apply to Canadian schools, you can afford to wait on the MCAT to a point in time you feel better about your preparation.   Its a marathon not a sprint. 

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I agree with the poster above. You need to evaluate your performance by practice scores and not too much by how you feel. I haven't met a single person yet that was super confident going into the test. Everyone is nervous and we all think that we could have prepared more. In my opinion, going into the test with the mindset of voiding is not a good idea. 


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