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I emailed admissions about this question but didn't get a clear answer so I would appreciate if any of you could clarify this for me. I am aware that U of A requires a one-year residence period immediately before the first day of classes but does not consider it broken if temporarily out of the province for school. I'm in a bit of a unique situation - I lived in Edmonton from age 9 to 18 (graduated HS there) and studied in QC full-time for university thereafter, and during summers I came back. However, last summer, my family decided to move overseas so I decided to change my permanent address to my QC one as well as my driver's license and health card. Last year I also filed taxes for the first time in QC. I graduated this year, and for the first time I am not returning to Edmonton and am going to be living overseas with my family for a bit. Would I still qualify as IP? 

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