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Mentioning CanMEDS in OMSAS

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I strongly suggest you book an appointment with your university's career centre for a 1-on-1 resume/application writing review or similar workshop. 

This will help you understand how to write a proper application, as based off of your post above you are not in a position to pursue this on your own.

It's the same skillset in writing a strong resume as with writing a strong med school application.

Also, you would only be focusing on highlighting six of the CANMEDs roles as you are not a medical expert.

Yes, you would literally use the words as they apply to your personal experiences in order to appropriately reflect your involvement and to do so succinctly, but you wouldn't necessarily do that will all of them (ex. scholar and to a lesser extent professional). As I mentioned above, it appears you would benefit from having someone work one-on-one with you in person, to help you understand how to write a proper resume or application, so please seek that on your own as I don't feel online advice is sufficient nor entirely appropriate given your current understanding.

Essentially, there is a way to highlight the traits that admissions committees and interviewers are looking for, in the way that you write and speak about your experiences, but without it coming across as forced. Hopefully you'll learn this.

Good luck.

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