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Does anyone know definitively how UofT Dental determines your province resident status (IP vs OOP)? Do they use an OHIP card (or other official means) or do they base it on your listed address for your application? 

Based on searching through these forums, it sounds like people are saying that those with an Ontario address are listed as IP (in province resident). If this was the only determinant, wouldn't it be easy to list a family member's or friend's address (whom you visit once or more a year) for your application even though you spend most of your time in another province? It just seems a little wishy-washy. 


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I'm curious as well. I'm originally from AB but studied at UofT for 4 years for my Bachelors. I applied as OOP for the past 2 years since I read somewhere that one is only a resident if they lived in ON for a consecutive of 12 months.

If they designate IP/OOP status based on merely the address, I will commit suicide immediately. I've got to the interview stage twice, I would have had a higher chance if I applied as IP previously.

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