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Intro Organic Chemistry Lab - I went to a BC university without 2 organic chem courses, each with a lab component!!


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I was looking on the UofT and Waterloo websites and noticed that the pre requisites include 2 organic chemistry courses (both with a lab component). I did my undergrad at a BC university which did not have the option of taking two different organic chemistry courses that both had a lab component. My university only offered 1 organic chemistry (without a lab) and another organic chemistry with a lab. Will this make me ineligible for those pharmacy schools currently? This seems to be the case for the 3 biggest universities in BC (UBC, SFU, and UVIC).

Does anyone have any experience applying to UofT or Waterloo pharmacy who did not complete two organic chem lab courses (ie: did undergrad at UBC, SFU, or UVIC)?


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Although I did my undergrad in Ontario, my school also offered only one organic chemistry course with a lab component. The rest of the organic chemistry (higher level) courses have a separate lab course. So I had to take three different courses to fulfil the requirement: organic chemistry 1 (with a lab component), organic chemistry 2 (without the lab), and organic chemistry 2 Laboratory. 


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