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Anyone want to help me out?(I feel like I am so lost)

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I am a student majoring in mbb in undergrad, planning to go to dental school after graduation from undergrad.

My school does not have any programs or connections to dentistry. (neither undergrad or grad)

I really do not have a chance to participate in any of dentistry related experiences. (neither practicum or research available) Peers around me cannot help me with such matter either. But I see that other pre-dental students have already had so many experiences like job shadowing/volunteering/working at dental clinics or hospitals and I am just a student who have spent most of my university years studying and working as a server at a restaurant.

But I really want to gain some experience with dentistry-related backgroud so I can actually understand how it is like to work as a dentist.

How do you guys find ways to gain such experiences? How did you guys first get to start job shadowing(I am very desperate to start one)? 

Please tell me about your approach/experiences as a pre-dental student. 


I really appreciate your help and your time ! Thanks!


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First, start off with your own dentist. He or she might be willing to take you in to shadow, and you already know him or her, so that will make things easier.

If that doesn't work, try any local clinics, as Pauls mentioned above.

Also, check for dental volunteer clinics or missionary trips that you can volunteer on. You won't be able to do any dentistry (most likely), but it will open your eyes to what you should expect.

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