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Personal Essays - Multiple Paragraphs?

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Quick question about the format for the personal essays. I understand that 250 words would probably fit into 1 paragraph, but if I wanted to break an essay into 2 paragraphs, would the admissions committee see it as 2 separate paragraphs, or would the system automatically compact it into 1 paragraph? (I know McMaster did this for their Health Sci supplementary essays)

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2 minutes ago, robclem21 said:

We will see it as separate paragraphs (exactly as it is input into the OMSAS). I used more than one paragraph for several of my essays. It isn't necessary but I do find it helps to separate some ideas and keep things organized. Don't use too many though since it really is only 250 words.

Oh okay, thank you for letting me know. I will try my best to keep them to a paragraph each, but I do find sometimes it's helpful to split into 2 sub-paragraphs to keep thoughts organized!

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