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Anyone here only apply to U of T and get in? I don't think my MCAT will go well, but hopefully well enough for U of T (due to a lot of reasons).

My wGPA is about 3.93 and I have pretty diverse EC's that are long term. I also think I will have strong reference letters.

Anyone have any advice to bring my essays to another level? Looking for a glimmer of hope lol..

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The UofT application requires the most amount of time due to the essays in addition to the sketch. But if you are preparing an application for UofT, just apply to queens and ottawa as well (assuming you meet the minimum gpa required). 

For the essays, go through many versions and get a variety of people to edit (not just med related). Also, whenever possible, connect to CANMED roles and try to incorporate personal examples. This can help your essay stand out since most applicants tend to form the same opinions on a particular topic. When presenting a particular point of view, acknowledge that you are aware of the opposing side. You don't have enough space to discuss both sides of an issue but don't come off as too opinionated. Finally, write what you think and not what you think the admissions committee wants to hear (within reason of course). 

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