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Admission discussion: would you impose rules to ensure applicant confers degree

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So, it's saturday and the rain is pouring and I am extremely bored, so I thought I start a discussion. 

Recently, I came across Alberta's new rule change that requires applicants to complete their degree or already have it conferred prior to admission to their MD program. This essentially means they have ruled out their 2nd/3rd year applicants completely.

Now I thought it would be a great discussion to see what members of the forum think in regards to 3rd year vs. 4th year applicants. Pros? Cons? Do you think admissions across Canada should also enforce that students complete their degree prior to admission? 

Note: I understand some people may be eligible for a general degree by dropping out of their original 4-year honours program into the 3-year general program. I'm more so speaking if applicants should finish the program they were originally in the 4-years honours program. 

PS. this post isn't suppose to come off rude to 3rd year applicants, sorry beforehand if it may of offended any. 

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