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Need advice on applying this year

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I will be starting my 3rd year of UG in September and I have been contemplating whether to try my hand at applications this year. However, I am facing several issues which I was hoping to get some guidance with.

First, I recently finished the MCAT and will be receiving my scores ~10 days before the deadline for OMSAS. I'm not quite sure how my scores will pan out, but I am hoping that I can at least meet the cutoffs for U of T.

Second, off the top of my head I only have 1 excellent reference (from job), and the other 2 I am still not quite sure who to ask. I was thinking of asking my PI for the 2nd one but I haven't had much significant interactions with her so I'm afraid that the letter may not be as strong.

My 3rd reference would possibly be from 1 of my volunteer supervisors. This is kind of a double-edged sword because I am currently active in 2 volunteer positions; in the first, I have limited hours (~20-30) but the supervisor would be able to really discuss my strengths in the letter, and in the second, I have more hours but less interaction with the supervisor. I am not sure which one would be better to go with for my 3rd reference.

I'm kind of in a tough position with the references because most of my significant activities have been school-related EC's that don't have a supervisor involved. 

Do you guys think it would be worth it to try applying this year given my situation?


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You may be trying to apply too early with insufficient reference collateral built up.  I doesn't mean you should not try.   Go with the people that you think will be your best supporters. If you are working in a research lab, it should be included as one of your references.   If not the PI, is there a postdoc you are working with to write the letter instead ?   Using an EC with 20 hours of involvement as a reference is a little suspect.  I would only use it if you have no other options

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