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Just gauging interest here.  I'm thinking about writing a book to help pre health students.

I was previously accepted to dental school and am now a fourth year. I was not accepted initially into school because of average stats, etc, etc and changed my whole outlook. My attitude and drive changed for the better, and I am now in an out-of-state school with a 2% acceptance of out of state applicants at the time. And now I'm top 10% in my class.

1) Would anyone be interested in a book like this?

2) Do you have any questions that I could answer here and in my writing?

If you have any ideas you can post here or message me. 


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What do you mean deleted?

Its not about how to get into particular schools. It's about routine, mindset, getting yourself to standout from the crowd of applicants.

I apologize if this post was offensive, that was not my intent. Maybe this isn't the place for my question.


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The deleted happened automatically,  i didn'tknow that that would happen wjen i referred to the other popular premed  forums online, think the front page od the internet,  and lizzym

The reason i think your experience in the states, especially as it relates to standingout from the crowd of applicants may not be useful, is that there's quite a bit of difference on requirements between american and canadian application systems.  Americans need shadowing, and clinical volunteering experience,  which aren't a big deal here, as one example. 

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