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Old Age Question - What are my chances

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Hi guys,

I was wondering whether is was worth setting up an OMSAS Account to apply just to Queens and U of Ottawa. 

cGPA ~ 3.63

wGPA ~ 3.84 

However, my MCAT is a 509 with a 125 in CARS. 

In terms of my ECs I believe their pretty solid (well UBC thought so) but I'm not sure what Ontario schools will think.

If you don't get an invite do they give you any information like how well your application is or a score of your academic or ECs?



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Unfortunately no they don't disclose your file score like the west coast does. Is your wgpa for Ottawa 3.84? If that is the case you're likely to be screen out as it's a 3.85 and 3.87 cutoff for ip and oop, respectively (well for the English stream at least). Do submit an application to queens tho. If your ECs are super good, good LORs and you have good essay writings, and if you don't mind spending a little bit more money for a minimal chance, I would also try uoft. 

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