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I'm debating if I should apply this year since I think my NAQ section has not improved at all since last year. This year has been a difficult year for me, so I had no choice, but to spend most of time working, so I could financially support myself.  My average is too low (only 83%), so I think my only shot to gain an interview is to increase my NAQ, but with no improvement on my NAQ, I believe I'm just wasting my time?


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Work experience counts towards NAQ as well, so don't discount that. 

You only have the application fee to lose, which is a small sum for the benefit of seeing how your scores have changed, compared to the application pool this year.  If you can afford it, I would submit. But you already know that it may not change much, so you have a realistic perspective already.  

Perhaps you can use it as a opportunity to experiment with how you portray your experiences etc.

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