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Hi, I hope it's okay if I post a chances thread here. Didn't wanna post in the main thread since I am just asking specifically about UofT.

Anyway, I am applying as a non-trad applicant. I don't automatically get the weighting formula. Without it my uoft wgpa is like 3.86. I did submit an academic explanations essay last year. The reason I don't get weighting is because of I'm missing 1 course in 1 of my years and also a 6-course supplementary semester. If they do actually apply the full weighting my wgpa is 3.93. This year I'll be in a 1-year course based masters. No idea if this gives me an edge at all for applying to uoft. 

Even if I get lucky and get an interview, I think it'll be an uphill battle to actually get in. Does anyone know the relative weight of pre-interview stuff vs. interview in the final ranking? In your opinion, is it worth it for me to apply?

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