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I've tried sending an email to the admissions office with my below questions and they have not responded yet and it's been over a week. If anyone could please help me here that would be greatly appreciated.
I am currently working on my medical applications for the University of Calgary and have read the application manual; however, I still have a few questions related to inputting grades for the transcript section and verifiers for the Top 10 experiences section:
  1. Regarding the transcript, I took an online course with Thompson Rivers University that lasted from January to July 2017. Since it falls between the categories "September to April 2017" and "Spring/Summer 2017", I am not sure which category to put this course under. On my transcript, it is noted as a winter course, but the dates lasted until summer. The course was a self-paced continuing education course and I was working while studying. Please kindly advise on the best course of action.
  2. According to the manual, the Top 10 experiences require verifiers for volunteer, employment, and education entries and that the verifier must have an email from the organization. 
    • I'm planning to put an entry regarding my time working at a non-profit organization; however, my manager has left the organization and started her own business. She was the one that hired me and supervised my work, and she does not have an email with the non-profit organization. Am I still allowed to use her as my verifier? 
    • I have a few student club related activities that I would also like to include as part of my Top 10 experiences. I have verifiers available for those activities, but they all use personal emails. The student club organizations never had a club email and only used personal emails. Should I still include them as verifiers or is it not necessary?
    • I would also like to include my experience practicing and teaching Taekwondo. I have asked my Taekwondo Master and owner of the Dojang as my verifier but their organization email is a "gmail" account. Would that be acceptable?


Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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I think you haven't received any replies because these are tough questions to answer properly, I'm sure none of us want to give you incorrect information. 

As for your first question the applicant manual says "Applicants using courses completed at Athabasca University or other distance education providers must
provide proof that the courses in question were completed within the September 1st - April 30th time frame." (emphasis mine). So it looks like this course would not fall under the fall/winter semester and therefore not used in your GPA calculation. It should therefore probably added under the summer semester.

As for emails for verifiers I have been in a similar position. I generally just put the email of the person that is best qualified to talk about my experience, even if the email is not a professional email. I don't know if this is the correct way of doing it, but I figure if its not the office of admissions will contact you to ask for another email/verifier. 

Good luck finishing your application!

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