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Dalhousie or Queens for Premed?

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I'm currently a grade 12 student from New Brunswick with an average of 97%. I know that medicine is what I want to do but I'm have trouble choosing either Queens for Life Sciences or Dalhousie for Medical Sciences...does anyone have any insight as to which program/school would be the better choice? 


Also, are there any other programs that I should consider (Health Sci at McMaster, Medical Science at Western)?

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As long as your parents stay in New Brunswick you will maintain your In province status for Dalhousie  (very important). 

Statistically, if you can get into MAC Health Sci you have a very good chance of getting into Medicine later.  It is a very hard to get into.

Deciding on any other Ontario School does not really give much advantage for later med apps.  As Balls' mentioned,  check out the in-province requirements for Western provinces.  

I would go where you feel most comfortable for your Undergrad.  (do apply to MAC HealthSci though)




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Mac Health Sci is probably the only program where you can actually increase your chances of med just by getting into that program. About half get into med after 4 years and probably a total of 60-70% end up getting into med eventually and if you factor in the fact that not everyone ends up wanting to do medicine probably something like 75-80% of people who want med get it, which is unheard of in any program. The grade inflation there is real and interview prep is basically part of the program in a subtle way. 

Otherwise the only two rules of UG is go where you want to live and make sure you maintain in province statuses. The only advantage of queens vs dal is assuming you can maintain in province status for dal, going to any UG in ontario gives you in province status at Mac which to be honest makes very little difference but can help a bit regardless. 

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