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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could shed insight on my chances of getting into an Ontario OT program? I'm really interested in applying, however I'm not sure if I should wait a year to improve my odds if needed, or just go ahead and take the chance!

If I calculated correctly, I should have a subGPA of exactly 3.8 (I took a few credits worth of practicum, the experience was great but there were repercussions regarding my GPA as Ontario schools don't take practicum grades). My extracurriculars include 169 hours volunteering with a counselling service, 144 hours of practicum working with a municipal government (I designed after-school type programs for marginalized youth), and was later hired to work with said municipality, 192 hours of practicum working with a behavioural therapist and individuals with developmental disabilities, and I'm currently volunteering with/shadowing an OT who's clients include individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. 

At first I felt pretty confident, however after reading some other forums I've seen how hard working and prepared other applicants are!  

Any insight in appreciated :)

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I got into all 4 schools and nowhere on my application did I state the amount of hours I volunteered. What the schools care about is what you gained from your experiences and how those skills have prepared you/guided you towards becoming an OT. If you can articulate that in a clear manner that is relevant to OT, you have nothing to worry about. I would draw on the marginalized youth project - OT schools love experiences that are out of the box and unique as OT scope of practice is constantly expanding. ;)


Best of luck! :) 

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