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14 minutes ago, poslkdf said:

If I tried to get 128 or 129 would it be worth it to rewrite the mcat?

Not in my opinion. 128 is likely within your confidence band, but so is 126. Unless you are desperate to apply out of province (ie. calgary), I think the chance of doing worse should stop you. going down to a 126 will hurt you more than going up to a 128 will help you IMO

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McMaster: GPA, CARS, CASPER. Ace two.

Dont listen to haters. Mac posts the frequency of individuals with each CARS score that are accepted. Take a look. Keep in mind that lower scores probably have higher GPA and Casper.

Not to mention, other schools have weighted formulas that may benefit you. And nobody has seen your ECs.

So seriously, ignore haters.

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On 10/6/2017 at 6:53 PM, MitralLunar said:

No, with your stat you aren't getting in anywhere bud

Odds may be lower but I have seen people get in with less. 

That being said (the balance between optimism and pessimism ha) prepare for CASPer and do your best - if you don't succeed you can reassess what you want to do next (which may involve redoing the MCAT - I mean with effort and longer term studying for the skill needed for CARS you can improve). I would resist thinking of the CARS as some form of magic that cannot be improved upon :). However it isn't a science subject and probably needs a different approach.


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